Congratulations!! You took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Then you scheduled a consult and tour at our birth center. And while you visited us, we put together an estimate for your insurance coverage. Most people really don't understand how their insurance plans actually work. I mean, they understand that they have insurance but they often don't understand why they have to pay anything out of pocket or a how we come up with the estimate, so we thought we would help break this down for you.  But first: there are different ways people obtain insurance plans. Some employers include insurance plans are a benefit to working with their company. Employers will contract with different insurance companies and each employer might offer different plans to different employees, so just because you have Cigna, as an example, it doesn't mean all Cigna plans are the same. Also, some people purchase their own insurance plans directly from insurance companies or from the Marketpla

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 Babies, babies, babies! Join us in welcoming each new little one!


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